Email Marketing Service For You  

With DMdelivery in Shanghai, you can using it for Shanghai Email marketing:
  • Create subscription pages
  • Manage your database of opt-in users
  • Create highly personalized email newsletters and text messages (SMS)
  • Schedule the emails to send them automatically at any given time
  • Sending the emails through Web Power, thus ensuring deliverability
  • Analyze the data to make improvements to your campaign

    Why DMdelivery?
    DMdelivery is the most flexibele and user-friendly e-mail marketing system.
    But that is not all.

    What can you do with it?
    DMdelivery in Shanghai enables you to set up and manage email campaigns and mobile campaigns in a fast and simple manner.
    Working with DMdelivery is both fast and easy. The editor is based on the WYSIWYG principle: What You See Is What You Get. What shows on the screen is what the recipient will see. And should you need help: a comprehensive, online manual opens automatically at the topic you are currently working on at the click of a button.
    DMdelivery has extensive reporting tools that enable you to see the number of sent, delivered, bounced and read messages, track and trace information, as well as the response and conversion data. You can use this information to create segmentation filters to improve your email campaigns.

    Manage, Measure & Maximize
    The results of your campaign are displayed in a clear and consice way. This way, you can easily optimize your campaigns.
    With DMdelivery you have a complete control panel for your online campaigns. Creating campaigns, subscription management, assigning roles and rights to your employees: it all works simple and direct.
    Instantly know the success of your campaigns. DMdelivery shows an overview of the results, or detailed information on which you can take action.
    Optimize the results to get the most out of your campaigns. Improve your strategy and messages by analyzing behavior patterns of your readers, thus maximizing your online returns.


    SubscribersPrice(CNY)CNY/EmailTracking and ReportingTestSetup Account
    0-5,000 0.00-350.000.07 YES YES --
    5,000-20,000 250.00-1000.000.05 YES YES --
    20,000-100,000 700.00-3500.000.035 YES YES --
    100,000-250,000 3000.00-7500.000.03 YES YES --
    250,000-1,000,000 6250.00-25000.000.025 YES YES YES

    Feature overview
    DMdelivery has extensive features as it is. But you can even further expand your system through a range of available plugins.
    DMdelivery is a very advanced, yet user-friendly program. On top of that, Web Power is continuously working on updates that improve and expand the functionalities even further. Would you like a demonstration of DMdelivery?

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